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Welcome to

Carlingford.(Ireland's best kept secret)

Experience another world

medieval town, heritage centre,

sailing club, marina, adventure centres,

golf, fishing, mountain walks, horse-riding, arts and crafts, pubs, bistros,

gourmet restaurants, hotels, motel, apartments, guest houses & property for sale.

  A medieval town with an immense background, and an even bigger future, with it's breathtaking scenery, including Carlingford Lough, the Mourne Mountains,("sweeping down to the sea"), the Irish Sea, and the Isle of Man, viewable with the naked eye, from certain vantage points on the mountain walks, which tower above the town.

It is situated between, or about an hour's drive from either Dublin or Belfast Airports, taking you through some of the most invigorating greenery to be found anywhere on this earth. When country singer, Johnny Cash, sang about Ireland, he sang about it's 'Forty Shades of Green', and believe me, if you spare yourself the time, you can count them.

The area hosts an ever increasing array of recreational activity to suit from the very active to the very 'laid back' individual.

It has bistros, gourmet restaurants, and pubs, simply 'bursting' with 'craic',and the most recent addition to the town has been the opening of a new dining room and lounge facility at the marina, which takes full advantage of the magnificent scenery.

The marina itself has a capacity for about 80 boats at present, but there are plans on the drawing board to increase this to 250 and the plans also include shops, a hotel, and apartments.

In recent times many journalists and media people in general, whilst searching for adjectives to describe both the beauty and 'buzz' of the area, have called it the 'new Kinsale', and while not wishing to detract from what is obviously intended as lavish praise, nevertheless, Carlingford is much more unique,and more deeply stamped in the annals of time, than many of the much more established tourists areas.

If you haven't been there already, you don't know what you're missing!                   

 Janet Keller runs a public relations company in St. Louis, U.S.  Her great-grandfather, who came from the Carlingford area, left  Ireland, like countless others, during the famine times. and travelled to America to escape starvation . He handed down a wealth of stories and folklore, and  it's hardly surprising that one of Janet's greatest passions is Ireland, and in particular, the Carlingford area,

During the Summer of 2001 she realised her long unfulfiled ambition to visit Ireland, and her beloved Carlingford .

Read her account of her visit to the area.     CLICK HERE                           

Incidentally the background music to her short story is called " The Immigrant's Daughter" .

Copyright 2000 Donal Marron    The background music is Riverdance - all 5 minutes and 48 'spine-tingling' seconds.